Image Description: Photograph of a NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis rocket launch.

SciAccess Scholarships

Image Description: Photograph of a NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis rocket launch.

Conference Scholarships

Thanks to generous support from the Ohio State University Innovation Studio, we are excited to offer scholarships to offset the cost of conference registration! These scholarships are open to students and non-students alike in order to increase ease of access to our virtual 2021 event. To apply for a conference scholarship, please click the link below to fill out our scholarship application form.

Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply now for a chance to be considered! There are a limited number of scholarships available and priority will be based on the order in which your application is received.

AAS Scholarship

In partnership with the American Astronomical Society (AAS), SciAccess is offering a specialized AAS presentation workshop during the 2021 conference. All AAS members who are presenting at the January 2022 AAS winter meeting are invited to attend the conference for free and participate in this experience. During the conference, participants will learn in a working session specifically dedicated to addressing AAS presentation and poster accessibility, in addition to experiencing the environment of an accessible conference and becoming familiar with the tools that create this environment. This workshop will assist them in making their own work accessible, with feedback provided on their efforts.

If you are an AAS member who is presenting at the January 2022 meeting and would like to take advantage of the free registration and the AAS presentation workshop, please contact Kate Meredith at GLAS Education, with "SciAccess AAS" in the subject line.