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Promoting Equity and Inclusion in STEM Worldwide


“SciAccess has enhanced my practice as an educator and my scope of perception and understanding as a human being. The universe found at the intersection [of] Disability and Science is dynamic, innovative, and deeply tender. Practices of mutual aid, expression, and radical self-love are calling solutions, inventions, and exploration into being in a way I never thought possible.”

“I am a STEM student with disabilities who is always looking for ways the science community is working to make itself more accessible. I definitely found what I was looking for and it left me feeling extremely hopeful and made me more confident in my career path and less nervous about my future capabilities in my career.”
“Do this again. Seriously, as a BVI [blind/visually impaired] member of the STEM community, we need this.”

“SciAccess has totally changed my life path.”

“The importance of an event like this is that it sends the message: We Are Not Alone.”

“One colleague attended with me, and he was so inspired by what he learned that the two of us are writing a grant proposal based on what we learned at the SciAccess 2020 conference.”
“The context and quality surpassed any expectations I had!...ALL presenters were excellent!”
“The efforts done in this conference to make everyone feel welcome were amazing.”
“The SciAccess Conference is a great avenue to learn and share information about science accessibility. Their impressive efforts along these lines have paved the way for increasing awareness about and inclusion of individuals who have a lot to contribute to science and accessibility.”
“After I leave SciAccess, I feel so energized. SciAccess is like a vacation. I am so happy.”
“This is the best conference I attended all year!”
“[SciAccess] shaped the biggest goal I’ve crafted for my life so far.”
“I left the conference feeling energized with tons of new ideas for my current outreach endeavors, future career goals regarding inclusion, and my own research and personal life.”
"My biggest takeaway from SciAccess was] a sense of community and hopefulness in knowing that there is work being done in this area and it is improving the experience of all students!"
"I feel reinvigorated and inspired."
“My son now has goals he didn’t have before. He was especially interested in the...ways in which people with disabilities could [have] a career...He felt so appreciated and validated as the smart kid he is instead of all the bullies he deals with at school.”
“I have A TON of ideas and information to bring to bear on both my day-to-day work environment and the programs/activities I do with the public.”

    Section Background Image Descriptions:
    Top: Multi-color NASA image of the sun as viewed in many different wavelengths
    Bottom: Children run under a rainbow parachute at the 2016 Sensory Friendly Day, an event dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of The Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Columbus, Ohio’s science center.